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Parent Council and Parent Volunteering

Fairhill parents play a tremendous role in supporting our students and our school.

Every parent that has a student attending Fairhill, is encouraged to participate in the Parent Council.

The role of the Parent Council is to encourage a strong parent group that supports the school; to foster teacher appreciation; to nurture communication between parents and school, and to provide the best environment possible for our children. The Parent Council serves under the authority of the Fairhill School Board of Directors.

Education and inspiration of students is a community enterprise at Fairhill. Parents, teachers, staff and extended-family members, the Board of Directors, local businesses and professionals all unite to give students the opportunities and experiences that prepare them for success academically and throughout their lives. Fairhill is proud of the number of volunteers that contribute their rich experiences and expertise.

Parent volunteers are important in maintaining a number of programs at Fairhill. Volunteers are needed to assist in the library, to assist with the lunch program, to help with the annual Golf Tournament and Gala/Auction, as well as many other programs and events at Fairhill.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Deann Badura, Director of Development at 972-233-1026.

We knew public school was not a workable school option, and we needed to find an environment that would both accommodate his needs and offer academic advancement. Fairhill was a dream come true!

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